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1818 Swamp Pike - Gilbertsville, PA 19525
Phone: 610-326-9282 - Email: CanoeAl@aol.com
Wooden Canoes, Kayaks, Patterns, Supplies, Accessories, Restorations

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Thank you for checking into in our line of small boats. We hope the information enclosed will be of some help in planning your next purchase. As we are limiting our restoration business to current customers and historically significant boats. We are focusing on designing and building from the best of modern materials, epoxies and fiberglass coverings, to make custom, lightweight modern wooden canoes and kayaks, meant for regular use, while looking beautiful. We also make custom wooden paddles based on traditional designs. In doing so, hope to enhance your paddling experience.

Since 1987 we have been designing, and building Cedarstrip canoes, and kayaks. We build open, and decked canoes for both single and double blade paddlers. We also build sea kayaks, and we offer a woodstrip Adirondack Guideboat. Whether you are considering a solo canoe or tandem, we can build one to suit your uses. We do most of our building as custom canoes, but we do have a limited number of standard canoes in the shop for sale. Use the charts as a basis for finding the proper size for you and your uses. Please feel free to contact us by any method you would like if you have any questions.

Our "Standard" canoes are made of edge glued strips of cedar, bead and coved, covered with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth and epoxy. While we have some boats and paddles in the shop for sale, we want the boat you get to be right for you, so think of our standards boats as a place to start your custom boat. While we include a list of common options, use your imagination to create the boat perfect for you.

Our woodstrip kayaks are built in the same manner as our canoes, including fiberglass on the hull and decks, and the bulkheads and trim are made of marine Occume plywood. This construction is light, stiff and very strong, besides being beautiful.

Besides canoes and kayaks, we offer an Adirondack Guideboat based on the 100+ year old Rushton design, the Saranac Laker, in our same modern construction. Ask for information on it if you are interested.

We sell plans for some models of our boats, but not full kits. I have taught from these plans in summer boatbuilding classes, so I know anyone with basic skills can make fine boats from them.

In 1991 we moved to our present location on Swamp Pike, in Gilbertsville, Pa. I have been a member of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association since 1990 and was on the Board of Directors from 1991 to 2010.

Again, let us discuss with you anything regarding a boat or paddle, or anything else. Please contact us, and we will help in any way we can because;
Life is too short to paddle an ugly boat.

Alwin R. Bratton, Owner

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